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Randy’s Position on the Issues:

     Randy believes elected officials work for you and not the other way around. He holds true to the belief in a government that is for the people, by the people. Randy will represent your West Texas conservative values in Austin not just as a campaign promise but in the way he votes.


     While serving on the Ector County School Board, Randy worked to give teachers a raise and approve a multimillion dollar project to improve technology without raising taxes.

•        EDUCATION

     Randy believes funding should be used in the classroom to teach kids skills needed to be competitive in the job marketplace with focus on back-to-basics math, phonics, grammar, spelling, writing, and science. He believes in the accuracy of U.S. History that honors our American founders' traditions and values.

     In a time when school districts are terminating teachers and critical staff, the school districts do not need mandates that distract from their core function which is to provide a quality education for our young people.

•        ENERGY

     Having worked in the oil industry for over 35 years, Randy understands this industry, its people, and their issues. He understands that history has shown that limited government frees unlimited innovation and growth while unfounded and excessive regulations hamper productivity. The oil industry has been instrumental in creating jobs and stimulating our sluggish economy. Randy will work to prevent excessive regulations on the oil industry so that Texas can continue to enjoy our resources and a thriving economy.


             Randy supports the Arizona bill passed as their effort to crack down on illegal immigration. Randy would support similar legislation inTexas. Randy supports immigrants who come to America and applauds their effort to improve their quality of life, but believes illegal immigration imposes a significant and unfair drain on taxpayers due to the financial demand placed on our legal citizens who contribute in having to provide free services such as health care, education, and other government services for those who are here illegally.

•        GUN RIGHTS

     Randy supports the citizen’s right to bear arms and supports “Conceal and Carry” legislation for college campuses.


Anyone can say they are conservative and led the effort for a balanced budget in Texas, but let's take a look at Kel Seliger, my opponent's record:

•        Voted to expand the mandatory summer lunch program. This program requires schools who are already operating under a tight budget to provide free lunch during the summer. While the federal government funds this effort, the funding is not enough to cover administrative costs such as salaries and utilities required to provide the free lunches during the summer. The cost of this mandate takes money away from the classroom and away from education. (SB89)

•        Voted to take money out of West Texas and give it to businesses in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Ft. Worth through an incentive program for businesses in these areas that provide natural gas. (SB20)

•        Voted for SB 9 which would give the Department of Public Safety the authority to comply with federal driver’s licenses and ID regulations. This bill would create an unconstitutional national ID card.

•        Voted for SB 15 which creates a new bureaucracy by imposing a statewide energy plan to encourage energy reduction. This bill would require a new council to be established to encourage cooperation and coordination between pubic an private entities regarding energy usage, planning, research and development and commercialization.

•        Voted for SB 1125 which expands a government program that raises the cost of energy by giving authority over the Texas Public Utilities Commission to evaluate energy efficiency programs leading to behavioral changes in consumer energy use. This is a total waste of taxpayer money and interferes with the free market.

•        Worked against conservatives on the State Board of Education by essentially gutting their districts while chairing the Senate Redistricting Committee and not allowing for debate or consideration on an alternative map that 13 of the 15 currently serving State Board of Education members from both parties believed was fair, balanced, and met the legal criteria for passage.

My opponent voted repeatedly to expand government programs and bureaucracy. With government spending out of control and teachers being laid off, how long can we continue to send representation to Austin that keeps making the same bad decisions over and over that got us to where we are right now? Randy will represent West Texan's conservative values and take a stand in Austin to reduce government spending and to eliminate wasteful programs.