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Kel Seliger: Redistricting at its Worst

on Wed, 02/29/2012 - 5:39pm


When voters look at all that is going on with Texas redistricting it reminds them of how hard liberals will fight to have greater power. So many groups are fighting for there own interest instead of the constituents they represent. Groups like the “Mexican American Legislative Caucus” whose agenda is not representing latinos but representing Democrat latinos specifically. 

Liberal organizations and politicians who peddle their agenda for greater control are at the helm of the redistricting dilemma. Remember, when someone in power feels threatened they will stop at nothing to protect themselves. 

That’s where Republican Senator Kel Seliger comes in. 

He’s not complaining about the maps, probably because he likes the way he drew them. Kel was the chairman of the Senate redistricting committee. During the process Kel manipulated his powerful position to ensure the most political gain for himself, and those who aligned with his agenda. This group consisted mainly of establishment Republicans. 

One place Kel clearly attacked conservatives was on the State Board of Education. 

  1. He intentionally drew Don McLeroy out of his old district to ensure he wouldn’t run against Thomas Ratliff. Luckily Randy Stevenson has stepped up to the plate to challenge Ratliff.
  2. Kel intentionally drew conservative Randy Rives out of Bob Craig’s district in West Texas to ensure he didn’t try and run for that seat once Bob Craig retired. I don’t think Kel anticipated Rives decision to run against him instead.
  3. Kel targeted Charlie Garza, a conservative Republican, and ensured that Charlie’s new district was predominately Democrat. This was particularly surprising because this move directly helped Democrats and Kel went right along with it.

These are just a few examples. 

When Terri Leo, a conservative on the State Board, emailed her supporters to let them know what Seliger was doing, Seliger went scorched earth. He even went so far as to tell Jason Moore that if the redistricting bill hadn't already passed he would draw a map that drew Terri Leo out of her own district

This dictatorial power Seliger wielded is something he clearly abused. The best thing for Texas and Senate Dist. 31 is to replace Kel Seliger with a conservative this next election cycle.